Thursday, May 15, 2014

FREE TOE RING TUTORIAL by Franchezka Westwood. Featuring Beadalon.

And here we are! Summer is very close and we all want to wear a beautiful toe ring, different than all the rings that we have seen in the stores.
We want an original toe ring with beautiful beads!
I have for you a free tutorial, very easy to make, very friendly to try.
I am sure that all your friends are going to ask you where did you buy it. :)

First step choose your bead:
Go to your local bead store and choose a beautiful bead that measures between 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch. Take a measure of the top of the toe where you are going to wear the toe ring if you want to be sure of the size. 

Put your bead on the wire and add 4 inches in each side. Fold the wire leaving the flower or the bead you chose in the center.

I am using 20 gauge Artistic Wire by Beadalon. You can find it in many crafts stores.

NOTE: Sizes for children have to be rediced at least one inch in each side. If you need help write me here.

Now, from the flower measure one inch and fold the wire there. Do this in both sides.

Place the piece on your finger and hold it. Take the long wire from one side and wrap it around the flower from the top, returning to the same place you started. Do the same in both sides.

Secure the wire wrapping it around both wires, two times. Do the same in the other side. Yes Wrappppp. :)

Cut the excess of the wire that could become a thorn. Make it flat with your plier.
Please be sure that it will not hurt. It should look this way.

Now shape it round but not too much because you have to be able to put your toe inside.
Try the ring on your toe and then push the ring closing it around.
It should feel comfortable.

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I hope you enjoyed this little toe ring tutorial.

Franchezka Schroeder Westwood

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