Friday, March 14, 2014

A LITTLE BIT EDGY by Franchezka Westwood Featuring Beadalon

Something a little bit edgy can be something classic with a modern touch. This is the idea of this spiky pearl necklace. With a punk touch given from the spikes of Beadalon, this classic necklace became unique, modern and fresh. Long chain to give air to the neck and the chest and to dress the casual t-shirt in a glam way.
Featuring Fashion Watch - Katie Hacker - Beadalon
Franchezka Westwood

ROMANTICALLY EDGY by Franchezka Westwood featuring Beadalon


How to be edgy... just be yourself adding some spunk in your life.  Try new and crazy ideas in your designs and be confident with the results.
  Here I made a rose.
To make this pendant I  used the bottom part of my Peruvian pendant with stainless steel wire from Beadalon.  The long bail helps like an arrow inviting the eyes to find the rose design. Round forms give contrast to the dynamism of the spikes. A romantic touch with some small amethyst stones and a beautiful purple dyed druzy and ready to use!! 
I love how it came out. Great edgy look.
Franchezka Westwood

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

GIVE CREDITS TO THE ARTIST by Franchezka Westwood

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"When you admire a piece of art, a jewelry piece or something created by some hands, you are admiring the artist. New or well known, an artist is that person that spends the time behind the piece of art, sketching it, designing it and giving the best for a great appreciation.
But how to admire an artist if we don’t name him/her when we talk about one of his/her creations or when we pin or post in the web a picture as well, with no name? "The biggest thing that an artist wants is to be recognized, to be applauded, to be admired by the public. Give us a smile back."
Franchezka Westwood