Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hollow Beads in metal clay PMC by Franchezka

This is one of the seven projects that Rio Rewards PMC Certification Program designed to demonstrate the wide range of possibilities of PMC (Precious Metal Clay).
This project uses 8 techniques:
- Creating an organic form
- Work with Geometric precision.
- Assemble dry PMC.
- Work on a Hollow form.
- Carve dry PMC.
- Make and use a rubber mold.
- Make my own slip.
- Apply liver of sulfur.
Hollow beads out of metal clay is a great way to use less material but not for that reason your bead will be less expensive or with less price to the market.
My way to make the hollow beads is without any organic form helping.
I just shape the form with my hand and let the clay dry on a surface with the shape I want, and then I solder with slip the two parts to make the bead.
I don’t like to use a mold to make the design. I love to make my own designs. If I use a mold, then I carve a lot on the design to change the way it looks and I also add extra small things to complement the design, so my piece will not look similar that another.
I hope you like it. Thank for coming.

Friday, March 20, 2009


Yesterday I was so sick....the day before worse. I had a therapy at the hospital because my back was killing me and then Lisa Barth called me.

One day talking we decided to meet to know each other and to have fun, but I never imagined that was today, so I asked the doctor for a shot to the pain and I drove to Atlanta to meet Lisa.

I don't know why I had the impression that she was not so tall and by the opposite, she is taller than me, slim and very beautiful.

As soon as I came in, a big cabinet full of amazing jewelry called my attention. I could not hear was she was asking me. I was completly blown away trying to see all the pieces one by one and even thowgh I spent a lot of time in front of that cabinet, I never finished.

The pictures she has of her jewelry does not make justice to her awesome work.

When I finally turn to see her, she was standing there with another case full of beautiful pieces. And here, and there, and in the sun room, and on the table, everywhere the most detailed, elegant and beautiful handmade jewelry I have ever seen in person.


Sunday, February 1, 2009


I know you want to know how I made this flower. Here is my My Flower brief tutorial. This is what I'm using to make the flowers and I add more beads to make the pendant hook or I attach them to earwires.

I love to make flowers with 5 petals. They means more than those that have 6 because they means "life". I hope these steps will be clear and easy for you to understand.

I used 5 flat shell beads. This design needs this kind of flat shell beads top drilled. The size of the petals will give the size of the final flower. Of course would be nice if you try to make it with another kind of bead.

Check this page to find the shells:

You will aslo need 10 -4mm- beads ( I used silver ) and 20 -3mm- seed beads (brown).

For the center of the flower you will need 1 -8mm- bead.

And you will need also nylon or soft wire, not more than 80 cm.
Ok, Good luck and thank you for your message!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Corazon Mio

Sometimes we want to express with our heart all the love that we have for the people we love. Sometimes we miss to say to a person how big our love was, how special for us this person was. Our oportunity is with the people that are still with us. A sweet sentence, a warm hug or a beautiful detail can always makes smiles.
Aveces queremos expresar con nuestro corazon todo el amor que tenemos a las personas que amamos. Aveces nos perdemos de decirle a una persona como de grande era nuestro amor, como de especial era esa persona para nosotros. Nuestra oportunidad esta con la gente que aun esta con nosotros. Una frase dulce, un tierno abrazo o un hermoso detalle pueden siempre lograr sonrisas.
Happy San Valentine Corazon Mio
Heart made with twisted gold, sterling silver and copper wire with embroidered pearls, garnet in 2 sizes, gold beads and sterling silver beads.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Are you thinking to make a ring with PMC?

In order to make a ring, you must choose the clay fist. In this case the best thing is to use PMC+ or PMC3 because they are denser than the Original PMC, and can be fired with a kiln for 10 minutes, or with a butane torch that reduces the risk of overheating.The PMC+ is stronger than the others and it is the best choice to make a ring because it resists the everyday stress. It is maybe a little expensive but your piece will never brake.The PMC3 will let you add a stone. Also you must consider the shrinkage rate that is 12% in this 2 kinds of PMC.The final thickness should be at least 1.12 mm or thicker to be possible to polish it.If you will experiment with the PMC, I suggest you to buy the 45 gram lump package, because to know the properties of this clay it is good to let your imagination flow and use it all making more pieces. Then, analyzing the shrinkage rate, your ring size and the thickness you want, you can determinate how much PMC you will need for other rings.

Practice Precious Metal Clay PMC or Similar Products Economically. Read and you will find the product to practice and some tips.

NOTA DEL AUTOR[Hope this product help you as it have been helping me. I also want that all of you know that I'm not working for this company, I don't sale this product or have something to do with them. I am just one of you guys, that love to do jewelry.Read and find here the name of the product I am using to practice.]
Precious metal clay (PMC) or similar materials* are really expensive for when we are just learning the technique. When I discovered this product and the ease of doing any piece in silver, I definitely decided that this will be part of what I will learn, make and teach.
I searched everywhere for metal clay classes and someone told me to take the certificated course by Rio Grande since I wanted to teach, so I did. I don’t know if you guys know but they ask the person that is taking the course not to be new in this technique. Students have to be able to handle this product, know the PMC basics, its characteristics, etc., so I took the basic course in a place that is recognized here in my city, The Beaded Frog.
Carambas*, how surprised I was when I was doing my first piece with PMC. The fast drying of the material almost didn’t let me achieve everything I desired. I used everything they told me, the water spray, the little oil, the grease for the hands, everything!! I finished that course being able to dominate the PMC, and doing really nice things. I was full of dreams to do more and more, to practice more and more and try new things but the cost to practice was killing me and my pocket.
At the beginning I tried to do some new ideas I had, but they didn’t end up very good. Definitely the practice makes the master, but it is difficult to practice with a product that is so expensive.
It is good to have the possibility with the beads, having them in glass, wood, plastic and other materials that can be economic for our pockets. The same chance we have with the wire. We don’t have to practice with sterling silver or gold wire when we are trying for the first time to do a wrap or any of those pretty tutorials we have here. But how can we practice to make a PMC piece?
I searched everywhere for a product with some similar characteristic. I tried different clays and products from different companies, until my hands came across this Activ-Clay that gets dry with the air and also that I could return to be chapped again if I add water on it as we do with the metal clay. Oh! This product was exactly what I was needing.
I placed on the table the same tools that are used for the use of the metal Clay. Although the amount of activ-clay to practice that I bought was big, I only placed in a small hermetic bag the same amount of product that comes in each one of the packages of metal clay. This way I could control if what I wished to do I could obtain it with a real Metal clay package or more. It was wonderful to see as that clay almost fulfilled the properties of fast drying that I wished, the similarity with the granulated and the same way to obtain the fine finished ones. I could make leaves, pyramids, flowers, clasps, my pretty hot pen, and rough drafts of projects in an economic way.
As you already read, the clay I mentioned to Practice Metal Clay or Similar Products Economically is Activ-Clay. I know you can buy it in your craft store.Practice with this clay until you finish your desing the way you want.Here is some information I found in their web page:
Activ-Clay Air Dry Modeling Material for Active Hands. Dense, durable, responsive and air drying.Fine grain for finer detail; white or natural terra cotta color; carvable, paintable and light weight -but not TOO light.
Here I add the web page link:
You should know the Precious Metal Clay before, or a similar brand to be able to manage very easy this clay.Don’t forget that as soon as the air have contact with this product, it start to be getting dry and dry.You can shape the forms, make hollow forms too, dry them in a coffee cup warmer and sand it as you do with the PMC until it looks fine.You can also prepare the creamy solution to paste one part to another, adding a little part of this clay inside a small recipient, with a small amount of water and waiting until the clay becomes soft moving it with a tooth stick. Keep the recipient close.
NOTE: Don’t forget that this clay is just to practice and to make new forms and pieces until you find the one you really like.If you have any question or want to know any tip, please send me a message.If you liked the article please rate it. If you want to know more, just ask me here.
To see better the product you can see it here:
Franchezka Westwood(sorry for my english)
Similar materials: PMC-Precious Metal Clay-Silver Clay-Metal Clay-Arcilla de Plata-Art Clay Silver..
*Carambas: Latin nice expression :) In this article means "oh my gosh"

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