Monday, July 26, 2010


I remember the day that I started with the wire wrapping fever.
I saw many magazines here and there and in that time almost all the magazines in the market were about how to bead. I don't bead....I started trying to bead a necklace, and a ring, but no. After to finish beading them I realized that it was not my favorite technique.
So, I saw in a magazine some wire designs with images that I kept in my mind for days until I could visit a bead store.
I remember that I went to a bead store in Mexico where I was living with my husband and I bought some stones and beads to build my dreamed ring:
I still love it. I have to say that yes, it is not perfect and I don't want to fix it because then it will lose the originality.
My first ring let me remember where I came from making jewelry. Let me see that I was not bad at all with the wire work, so I decided to search more about jewelry, tutorials and classes around my area.
Here is my sweet first ring: PURPLE DREAM

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