Sunday, January 5, 2014

CHINESE KNOT by Franchezka Westwood - Featuring Flat Artistic Wire by Beadalon

Pipa knot is one of the 12 Chinese basic knots, (International Guilt of Knot Tyers), and it is to me one of the beauty ones, simple exquisite and easy to make.  

According with the Chinese Culture each knot is entirely handmade and woven with one lace or silk thread. Read Here.  

I made this pendant with out tools just with my hands, with one piece of Flat Artistic Wire.

The Flat Artistic Wire can be bend into all kind of shapes. It is soft enough to make it with your hands but strong enough to keep the shape hard and safe.

What a beautiful journey I had with this wire. 

Follow me in JTV in January 31/2013 where I will be teaching how to make this beautiful pendant.

Franchezka Schroeder Westwood

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