Friday, October 29, 2010

Flowers For a New Day

This purse is more or less 2" high.
Description to the Ovarian Cancer Foundation By Heidi Green Woddy:
"This amazing amulet purse was designed and intricately created by the gifted artist Franchezka Westwood, who spent hours delicately wrapping the tiny beads, crystals, sterling silver and gold filled wire into a work of art that anyone would be proud to own.

The beautiful color palette infuses the purse with feminine energy and joy.
This purse is sponsored by The Beaded Frog and we are very proud of Franchezka's work".

This purse was donated to the Ovarian Cancer foundation for their auction "Handbags For Hope" by Franchezka Westwood and The Beaded Frog owner Heidi Green Woody